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3-Way GPS Splitter MGS13

√ Full GNSS band:GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo/IRNSS/QZSS/SBAS/NAVIC/OmniStar; √ Frequency Range:1150~1650MHz; √ Gain(amplified):0dB ~ 24dB(be specified); √ Passive: -4.5dB (be specified); √ Pass DC In & J1 and Block DC J2 √ High Isolation: >30dB; √ Low Noise Figure: <2.5dB

8-Way GPS Splitter GS18

√ 8 Ways Output √ Full GNSS BandGPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo/IRNSS/QZSS/SBAS/NAVIC √ Frequency Range:1150~1650MHz √ Gain(amplified):0dB ~ 10dB(Be specified) √ Pass DC from J1, to In Port(Standard). √ Pass DC from J1~J8 to In Port(Optional) √ DC Power Adaptor(Optional) √ High lsolation:>30dB √ Low Noise Figure: <2.5dB √ Avaible In TNCSMA, BNC and N Connectors

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