Rackmount Digital Gain Adjustable GNSS Repeater Kit | GNSSRK-D-RDV

√ Triple Systems:GPS L1, Beidou B1, Glonass G1; √ Digital Gain Adjustable 1dB Step; √ RS232 Programable Gain Level With 1dB Step : √ Pass DC or Block DC is Easy Seting. √ 1U 19" standard Rackmount housing: √ Up to 1 x 25M Ra-radiate distance



GPS and GNSS Repeater Kits

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  • 1. Description

    GNSSRK-D-RDV is a GPS Repeater Kit operaes by receiving GPS/Beidou/Glonass satelite signals with an antemna  outside the buiding and re-radiating the signals into the indoor area or covere space where satellite signal cannot reach.

    If need extend the system, you can add assemblies and sending antennas, so as to cover satelite sianal indoor large area and more rooms or buildings

    2. Functional Description

    For GNSS products testing

    For testing the cell- phone with GPS/Beidou2 , PND, carnavigators, tracker, survey products, etc.

    For the purpose of GPS/ Beidou2 signal covering

    Car parks, lab, aviation manufacturing hangar, trade shows, Emergency-, safetyvehicles, public transportation etc.

    3. Standard Configurations

    Digital Display Step Adjustable Amplifier:RGA30-DV 1 ea.

    Receiving Antenna: TIMING42001 ea.

    cable Assembly:RG8,30M,ea

    Cable Assembly:XHY240,20M,1 ea;

    Sending Antenna: GRA10,1 ea,

    Ligting-protector:1 ea,

    The cable components can be selected according to the customers' environment and can communicate with our technicians

    4. Topological (Under standard configuration)



    5. Kits include

    5.1 Digital Display Step Adjustable Amplifier RGA30-DV

    5.1.1 Function:

    Used to adjust system gai. 0-30 dB adiustable, you can control when needed. The input and output can be set to energize 5v Dc or not energizedThe system power supply voltage is 220V

    ① and ② are RGA30-DV input and output.

    ③ For power control switch. System power-on when allocated to upward, opposite, system stops working.

    ④ For the gain adjustiment button, you can adjust the gain size, you can adjust the controler gain increase or decrease. (Through the GAIN buton to adiust. UP tothe big, down to small.)

    ⑤ For the input and output power state setting, IN for the input, Out for the output, PDC that power, BDC that does not power.

    ⑥ For the digital display, showing the current gain value of the amplifier, and the voltage of the input and output ports.



    5.1.2 Specification

    Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
    Freg Range In- Output ports, 50Ω 1150   1650 MHz
    In & Out Impedance In, all output ports   50   Ω
    In- Output ports
    -45dBm Input Level
      0-30   dB
    (0~30)-1.5 0-30 (0~30)+1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0-30 (0~30)+1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0-30 (0~30)+1.5
    (0~30)-1 0-30 (0~30)+1
    (0~30)-1.5 0-30 (0~30)+1.5
    Input SWR       2.0:1 -
    Output SWR       2.0:1 -
    Noise Figure       3 dB
    Gain Flatness       3 dB
    Phase Balance       1.0 deg
    Group DelayFlatness       1 ns
    Current Pass DC.No Powered configuration, Dc inputon Out Port     250 mA
    Max RF Input Max RF input without damage     0 dBm
    Operating Temperature   -40   85




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