Rackmount Digital Gain Adjustable GNSS Repeater Kit | GNSSRK-M-RDV8

√ Full GNSS Band Supported √ Coverage of 8 areas; √ Frequency range of the antenna:1556~1623MHz and 1164~1288 MHz; √ Frequency range of the amplifier:1150~1650 MHz; √ Gain digital display adjustable in steps √ Digital gain adjustment: 0-30dB, LED digital display; √ Serial command control; √ Input and output port power setting;



GPS and GNSS Repeater Kits

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    GNSSRK-M-RDV8 is a repeater operates by receiving ful GNSS band, include: GPSIGLONASS/Beidou/Galieo/RNSS/ZSS/SBASINAVIC satelite signals with anantenna located outside the buiding and re-radiating the signalinto the indoor area or covered space where satelite signal cannot reach.

    GNSSRK-M-RDV8 is a eight point GNSS repeater, transmiting  GNSS  signal. This solution ofer adjustable test signal to receiver.

    If you need extend the system, you can add assemblies and sending antennas. so as to cover satelite sional indoor aroe area and more rooms or buidings. 

    The GNSSRK serial is one of the indoor GPS coverage solutions from GEMS-Navigation. 

    Typical Application

    For GPS/Beidou2/Glonass/Galileo producta testing

    For testina the cel-ohone with GPS/GLONASS/Beidou2/Galileo products, PND. car navigators. tracker. survey products etc

    For the purpose of GPS/Beidou2/Glonass/Galileo signal covering

    Car parks. lab. aviation manufacturing hanaar. trade shows. Emeroency-. safety vehicles. public transportation etc.

    Standard Configurations

    For GNSS producta testing

    For test the products with GNSS module, such as cell-phone, PND. car navigators. tracker. survey products etc

    For the purpose of GNSS signal covering

    Car parks. lab. aviation manufacturing hanaar. trade shows. Emeroency-. safety vehicles. public transportation etc.

    Equipment List With Standard Configuration

    Amplifier: RGA30-DV ,1 ea;

    Receiving Antenna: S440,1 ea;

    Cable Assembly: RG8,30M, 1ea;

    Cable Assembly: XHY240,20M,8 ea;

    Cable Assembly: XHY240,5M,1 ea;

    Sending Antenna: GRA10,8 ea;

    Ligting-protector: 1 ea;

    Connector:NK-NK 1ea

    RF coaxial cable assembly can make more choices according to the actual needs of customers, please contact our company's sales for support.

    Electrical Specification

    Parameter Conditions Min Std. Max Units
    Freg Range In-Output ports, 50Ω 1150   1650 MHz
    In & Out Impedance In, all output ports   50   Ω
    In-Output ports-45dBm Input Level (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5 dB
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    (0~30)-1.5 0~30 (0~30)-1.5
    Input/Output SWR       2.:1  
    Noise Factor       3 dB
    Gain Flatness       3 dB

    Delay Flatness

        1   ns
    Power Input 12V DC Adaptor   12   VDC

    System Schematic

     1.GPS/GLONASS/Beidou2/Galileo Antenna(S440) be installed on roof of the building.

    2. Cabe assembiy re fixed along the out wal. one terminator comnecits S440 the another to protector at the anoroorate place. in some soecia environment. select Peor PVC material plastic pipe to protect the cable assembly is quite sensible.

    3. Protector and diqital display step adjustable amplifier are fixed on ceiling or on the table.

    4. Cable assembly KSR240 is fixed along the ceiling of the operating place,

    5. Antenna GRA10 be fixed on the ceiling.

    According to the actual environment. you can adiust positions of some parts. which can make you the adiust. change and overhaul more easivy

    Roof Antenna  S440

    Full GNSS Band: GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo/IRNSS/QZSS/SBAS/NAVIC/OmniStar 

    Frequency [MHz]


    Impedance[Ω] 50

    Gain [dBi]

    40±2(LNA included)

    Polarization right-hand circular polarized(RHCP)

    Axial ratio [dB]


    Elevation Coverage[°] 360



    Antenna element gain[dBi] 5 .5

    Output (VSWR)


    Flatness in bandwidth [dB] ±2 

    DC Voltage

    DC 3.3-12V

    Noise Figure [dB] ≤2 

    DC Current

    DC ≤45mA

    Differential transmission delay[ns] 5

    Size [mm]


    Connecting TNC-C-K
    Operation Temperature [℃] -40~+85 Humidity [%] 95% non-condensin
    Reposition Temperature [℃] -55~+85    

    Re-radiate Antenna GRA10

    Frequency [GHz]


    Input impedance[Ω] 50

    Horizontal coverage angle[°]


    Output standing wave (VSWR) ≤1.45

    Polarization method

    Vertical polarization

    Maximum power[W] 50

    Lightning protection

    DC Grounding

    Input Interface NK/SMAK



    Antenna cover material ABS, UV protection

    Operating temperature


    Ultimate temperature -55~+70℃
    Antenna Color white    

    Cable Assembly RG8

    Inner conductor: Bare Copper

    Dielectric:Physical Foam Polyethylene

    Outer Conductor:Bonded Aluminum Foil+Tinned Braid


    Nominal impedance: 50Ω

    Maximum operating voltage: 4000 (VMS)


    1500MHz attenuation value:16.8dB/100m


    Cable Assembly XHY240(LMR240)

    Inner Conductor:Solid Copper,

    Dielectric:Physical Foam Polyethylene

    Outer Conductor:Bondad Aluminum Fol + Timed Copper Brad

    Jacket:Black PVC or Polyethylene



    Velocity of Propagation(%):84

     Inner Conductor DC Resistance(ohm/m):10.5

    Outer Conductor DC Resistance(ohm/m):12.76

    1500 Attenuation(dB/100m):32.40

    Lightning   arrester N-JK-G

    Rated voltage: 230V±20%

    Frequency: DC to 2.5GHz

    Impedance matching: 50Ω

    Humidity range: -55°C to +155°C

    Universal connector

    Relative humidity: 95% at +40°C

    Waterproof requirement: No

    Typical Faults and Solutions

    Typical faults and solutions

    GNSS repeater/GPS booster/GPS signal amplifier GNSSRK-M-RDV fault location and remove:

    First: To determine whether the RGA30-DV power supply connected, through the RGA30-DV digital display can be observed to lose whether there is voltage output, such as digital display shows a voltage of about 5V, indicating normal power supply, RGA30-DV work properly. Otherwise, check the power outlet for good contact. 

    Second: If the digital stepper is adjustable, the input port of the amplifier has a voltage of 5V, you need to check whether the fixing is steady between GRA10 and the cable. 

    Third: If the below two step were ok, please check the outdoor antenna S440 .You can, check the voltage between axis of the cable connector and the outer shielding layer to make sure it’s 5V.If no voltage, the circuit has fault, please contact our technical support. If 5V,the antenna S440 can be suspected.(In fact, this case hasn’t appear in our engineering projects.   

    Contact us:+86-755-29644311 Email:Sales@gemsnav.com



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