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PTP&NTP Master Clock DTS201A

√ IEEE-1588 PTP Master Clock √ Support multiple PTP Profile (G.8265.1, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, Telecom-2008 ▷Profile, Enterprise Profile, Power Profile, Broadcast Profile SMPTE) √ Support multiple systems (GPS,GLONASS,Beidou , Galileo) √ Taking GNSS as a reference, the accuracy of time synchronization can ▷reach 15ns (1-sigma) √ Maintain accuracy up to ±1.5us/4hours (Locking GPS Test at fixed ▷temperature after 7 days)

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PTP&NTP Master Clock DTS201B

√ 1x G SFP or 1G RJ45 PTP&NTP Output; √ Time of day accurcy(reference to GNSS): 20ns √ Time stamp accuracy: 8ns √ NTP response more than 55k per second √ Built-in BeiDou+GPS standard √ Built-in BeiDou+GPS+GLONASS(Optional) √ Support 1588 PTP 2008、NTPV1-V4 √ Built-in high-stability OCXO, holdover better than 1.5us/4 hours

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