8-Way GPS Splitter For Testing iGS18

* 8 Ways Output *Programing Control the DC Pass or Block Al Ports; *Monitoring The Voltage of Al The Ports; *Connecting the PC Via The RS232 Port *Design For R&D and Manufacture Test *Full GNss band:GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo/RNSS/QZSS/SBAS/NAVIC. *Frequency Range:1164~1616MHz; *Frequency Range:1164~1616MHz; *Gain(amplified):0dB ~ 10dB(Be specified) *DC Power Adaptor(Standard) *High lsolation:>30dB. *Low Noise Figure: <2.5dB *Avaible In TNC,SMA BNC and N Connectors.



GPS and GNSS Splitters

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    The iGS18 GPs Splitter is a one-input, eight-output GPs device. This product typically finds application where an input from an active GPS rootantenna is split evenly between four receiving GPS units. In this scenario, the iGS18 can be configured to pass DC from an RF output to the antennainput port in order to power an active GPS antenna on that por. The others outouts would feature a 20 Ohm Dc load to simulate an antenna Dccurent draw tor any receiver connected o those ports. ndivdua igS18 work indenendenty as a senaraie product ics18 can contro the 8 outovrports power state, can detect the output port voltage.


    iGs18 Characteristic

    >Programing Control the DC Pass or Block All Ports.
    >Monitoring The Voltage of All The Ports.
    >Connecting the PC Via The RS232 Port:
    >Design For R&D and Manufacture Test.
    >Frequency Range:1164~1616MHz.
    >Gain(amplified):0dB ~ 10dB(Be specified)
    >DC Power Adaptor(Standard):
    >High lsolation:>30dB.
    >Low Noise Fiqure: <2.5dB
    >Avaible In TNC.SMA. BNC and N Connectors


    Detailed lmages




    Electrical Specifications, Operating Temperature -40 to 85C

    Parameter Conditions Min Type Max Units
    Freq. Range Ant - Any Port, Unused Ports -50Q(1) 1164   1616 MHz
    In &Out Imped. In, all output ports   50    


    0dB In- Output ports. ,Unused Ports - 500 -1 0 1 dB
    Amplified(10dB) 9 10 11
    Input SWR All Ports 50Ω(1)   1.5:1 2.0:1 -
    Output SWR Ant-Any Port, Unused Ports-50Ω(1)Gain=20dB     2.0 dB
    Nois Figure- Amplified J1-J2l.Ant-Any Port, Unused Ports-50Ω(1)     0.5 dB
    Gain Flatness (Amplified) Phase(J1-J2)Ant-Any Port,Unused Port-50Ω(1)   - 1.0 deg
    Amp. Balance Ant-Any Port, Unused Ports-50Ω1).L1S L1     3/5 ns
    Phase Balance Phase(J1-J2), Ant- Any Port, Unused Ports-50Ω   - 1.0 deg
    Group Delay Flatness       1 ns
    Isolation Amplified Adjacent Ports: In -50Ω 13     dB
    Opposite Ports: In - 50Ω 21
    Gain:10dB Adjacent Ports: In - 50Ω 35
    Opposite Ports: In - 50Ω 4
    AC IN Wall Mount transformer       VAC
    DC IN DC Block Al1 ports with a 2000 Load       VDC
    PASS DC.Amplified 3   9
    PASS DC, Passive     9
    Powered, to be specified     9
    Device Current       16 mA
    Current Pass DCNo Powered configuration DCinput on J1     250 kA
    Powered, to be specified      
    Max RF Input (Amplifed) Max RF input without damage     0 dBm


    Operational Description

    1.Connect serlal port
    Note: RXD product iGS18 serial port connector TXD; product TXD connected to the serial port connector RXD
    2.Serial port parameters
    Open serial debug assistant software.




    Antenna DC Bias Select:

    Set items Default Parameter
    Band Rate 9600
    Check bit nothing
    Data bits 88
    Stop bit 1
    Pin definition  


    Serial number view: Right-click on "My Computer", select "Manage" Double-click "Device Manager" and double-click can see the connection port serial number is COM4.

    NOTE: You must insert the serial connector can see the serial number.

    3.Calculation of power off and read voltage instructions

    STX: 0x02 frame start flag;

    DLE: 0x10 transcoding, for use in the frame start or frame end flag before, if DLE equal to the value data appears in the frame, the data retransmission protocol requires one to represent distinction, that is represented by two consecutive

    DLE data, a DLE represents the transcoding;

    CMD: Communication instruction data type, including data communication instruction (0xF1) and

    control commands (0xF2) of two types;

    Parameter: CMD communication instruction data content, data length;

    ETX: 0x03 frame terminator flag (not included in the back of the validation data);

    BCCL: binary BCC check code low 8;

    BCCH: binary BCC code high 8.

    Then DLE, STX and ETX three hexadecimal constant, which is the first 1,2,5,6 These four numbers are the same, you need to calculate the CMD, parameters, BCCH and BCCL four hexadecimal number.


    Schematic diagram of serial connection








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