8-Way GPS Distribution System Passive System S208

The Passive GPS Distribution System S208 is an antenna splitting device that adopts dual input and 8 way outputs. It can provide multiple BBUs or other GPS Beidou receivers with real-time satellite RF signals from antennas; receive power supply from BBU or GPS Beidou receivers for power supply needs of the equipment itself and then supply power to GPS/Beidou antennas. In this way, external power supply is not required. Providing signal output to multiple BBUs through built-in multiple splitters, this solution is the most cost-effective solution, which is currently used by mobile telecom carriers to realize sharing of Beidou antennas by BBUs.This system features high reliability. In case of any fault of BBU connected to the equipment, the equipment indicator will be off and dry contact alarm device will send alarm sound.

1.External power supply is not required

2.Dual antennas

3.Built-in dry contact alarm output

Through the receiving antennas, this equipment realizes multiple-way distribution and can output GPS signals to 8/12/16-way BBUs synchronously without external power supply.