GPS Over Fiber System RGOF Serial


The RGOF is powered by dual 48V and 12V DC power supply to guarantee the stable operation of the system. The antenna interface connects to outdoor GPS antenna. The satellite signals received by Remote unit, the remote unit converts GPS signals into optical signals, Transmission through optical fibers, the local unit converts optical signal into GPS(RF) signals, and offer GPS signals to the RF output ports, the output ports connect to GPS receviers(BBU) or repeater antenna(for re-radiation). The gain is up to 40Db .

Optical fiber interface (round FC-APC interface) is used as the interface of transmitting signal remotely between remote unit and local unit via optical fibers.

This product can achieve outdoor waterproof grade: IP65;And can be equipped with a temperature control module, when the temperature is lower than or higher tha the working temperature, the temperature control device will start, the equipment temperature control within the normal operating temperature range.