GPS Over Fiber System GOF101


This system consists of far-end host and near-end host. The far-end host and the near-end host are powered by dual +48V power supply to guarantee the stable operation of the system. Single-input N-type antenna interface connects to outdoor GPS antenna. The satellite signals received by near-end host from the far-end host through optical fiber are amplified and distributed to the output ports, which, at the same time, offer GPS signals to output ports. The system transmits signals received by active GPS receiving antennas to the near-end host through optical fiber, which outputs the signals completely after compensation and and amplifying and provides them to GPS receiving antennas (N-type interface); the gain is adjustable and up to 40dB.

Optical fiber interface (round FC-APC interface) is used as the interface of transmitting signal remotely between far-end host and near-end host via optical fibers.