8-Way GPS over Fiber System For Indoor Positioning OA208L|R

Product Introduction

GEMS’s GPS/GNSS-over-Fiber indoor positioning coverage system effectively solves signal coverage in large indoor environment and can transmit one or multiple satellite signals like GPS/GNSS signals to room to provide real-time satellite signals for indoor GPS/GNSS, thus realizing the functions of timing and fuzzy positioning.

This system is composed of far-end host and near-end host. The far-end host receives inputs through two ends while the near-end host receives the satellite signals from far-end host through optical receiver module. Far-end and near-end hosts are respectively 8/12/16-port GPS/GNSS signal amplification and distribution device.

Far-end host has dual input interfaces that can be connected to two GPS receiving antennas, and distributes radio frequency signals to 8/12/16 RF output ports through power divider circuit after being amplified by LNA. In the meantime, one-way RF signals are converted into optical signals via optical module and sent to near-end host through fiber port. The near-end host receives the fiber signals from far-end host and restores them into GPS/GNSS         satellite signals, which will be amplified by LNA and distributed by power divider circuit. Meanwhile, RF signals are output by the output port.

Equipped with the latest GNSS signal system management terminal of GEMS, this system can monitor the device's running state, detailed parameters and others in real time.