8-Way GPS Distribution System iRGS208


IRGS208 is an GPS device with input at both ends and output at 8 ends. The dual input interface connects two GPS receiving antennas, and the output port provides GPS signal to 8 ports at the same time. After entering the GNSS signal system management terminal to set up IP, the software can display the power status of each port, GPS visible satellite number and C / no value, Beidou visible satellite number and C / no value.
IRGS208S distributes the signal received by the active GPS receiving antenna to 8 outputs on average and supplies it to the GPS receiving equipment. Gain 30 dB, two antennas to choose from, to ensure the integrity of the system. In such an application scheme, iRGS208 can configure its output port DC to supply power to the active GPS antenna connected to the input port, and the other output ports will have a DC load of 200 Ohm to simulate the DC loss of any receiver antenna connected to these ports.

IRGS208S supports dual 48V DC and 12V DC inputs. When powered by a dual 48V power supply, one or two of them will be alerted, and when powered by a 12V power supply, the power supply will be disconnected and not alerted.