6-way 0-110dB Adjustable Attenuation Matrix GPA636

【Product Description】

The GPA636 is suitable for lab testing and controls 18 independent bidirectional RF channels . Users can easily simulate the path loss and combiner usage of each channel in a mobile scenario with each channel. The instrument supports all major wireless technologies, including CDMA, EVDO/GSM/UMTS/HSPA/LTE, and WiMAX.


Product Name GPA636
Suitable Multi-channel independent attenuation application environment
Input/Output 6 into out of 18 independent attenuation control NF
Display Resistance touch screen attenuation settings, function selection
Communication RJ45/RS232
Control 18-way attenuation of independent network control, device keys independently controoled
Set Network address,rate setting, communication rules setting
Power Supply Power switch, power off memory
Height 2U standard cabinet
Decay Accuracy 0-31≤±0.3dB; 32-93≤±0.5dB; 94-120≤±2%
Connection Method NF
Operating temperature -10~50℃(14℉~220℉)

  • Each attenuator can be manually pressed on the front panel and the screen touch adjustment;
  • RS232 serial port or Ethernet command adjustment;
  • The system supports 0-110dB attenuation per channel scan;
  • Support for storage attenuation setting and recalls.

【Initial value description】

product name


IP address

Subnet mask

Default gateway



Default initial switch state

All channel attenuation 110dB

【letter of agreement】

The GPA636 series uses 10M/100Mbase Ethernet communication protocol, which can be easily connected to the network. The user can easily access the system via Ethernet. Support Telnet communication protocol, the user can control the system by typing ASCII code, or through the control software provided with the device to control.

【Schematic Diagram】

【Product Size】