GPS/GNSS Distribution System iRGS108


The iRGS108 is a GPS/GNSS Distribution System with one end input and 8 end outputs. Usually, the signals received by the active GPS receiving antenna are equally distributed to 8 outputs for supply to the GPS receiving device. Under such an application, the iRGS108 can be configured with its output port (J1) for DC operation, and it can work for the active GPS antenna connected to the input port. The other output ports will have a DC load of 200 Ohm to simulate any connection to these ports. DC loss of the receiver antenna.

The iRGS108 is  a splitter do not need the power. It pickt up the power from the GPS Receivers, such as the BBU. When the output port is set to power up, the corresponding indicator will illuminate.

【Technical Parameters

  • For Wireless Infrastructure Applications
  • Gain 0 dB ~10dB
  • Response For







  • High Isolations >30dB

【Specifications 】
Electrical Specifications, Operating Temperature ‐40 to 85°c

【Typical Application】

Sharing the GPS/GNSS antennas for 5G base stations BBU.

【Product Specifications】