32-Way Rackmount GPS Active Splitter RGS132


The RGS132 GPS  Splitter  is a one‐input, thirty two‐output GPS device. This product typically finds application

where an input from an active GPS roof antenna is split evenly between thirty two receiving GPS units. In this scenario,

the RGS132 can be configured to pass DC from an RF output (J1) to the antenna input port in order to power an active

GPS antenna on that port. Output ports(J2‐J32) would feature a 200 Ohm DC load to simulate an antenna DC current

draw for any receiver connected to those ports.

The most common application is the input from an active GPS/GNSS roof antenna or GPS simulator is equally split to thirty two receivingg GPS units.

The RGS132 will support long-lasting, trouble free deployment in a small cell wireless and/or CORS center stations. The device makes it possible to use a single GPS/GNSS referencing antenna for synchronization systems, increasing capacity without increasing GPS/GNSS antennas or cabling requirements.

【Technical Parameters


▷Frequency Range:1164~1616MHz;

▷Gain(amplified):0dB ~ 30dB(Be specified);

▷Pass DC to In Port(Standard);

▷Block DC on In Port(Be Specified);

▷DC Power Adaptor(Standard);

▷High Isolation: >30dB;

▷Low Noise Figure: <2.5dB

▷Avaible In TNC, SMA, BNC and N Connectors.

▷Housing: SMA 1U, Others 2U;


Electrical Specifications, Operating Temperature ‐40 to 85°c

【Product details】

【Product Specifications】