Indoor GPS System for a building, Bus Parks.

GPS Signal Indoor Coverage :

  • Coverage Distance: a single point about 5 meters (radius) ;
  • Covering Floors: the top floor to the underground garage, covering the entire building;
  • Frequency Range:  GPS L1 (Choosing other GPS antenna, to get more band signal repeater) ;
  • Network Splitters: Port has control and alarm functions ; Display information of GPS/Beidou2 B1 in time ;
  • Power : 220V ;
  • Operating Temperature:  -40 to 85℃ ;
Typical Applications:
  • Testing of GPS Receiving Products:
GPS Product Line, GPS Phone Production Line, GPS Laboratory, University Laboratories, and other application environment,which is  need for product testing, product performance verification.
  • Indoor Coverage of GPS Signals:

a variety of occasions (which is need to implement GPS signal indoor coverage )    Laboratory, Building Parking Lot, GPS Stores, Indoor Demonstration Hall.

Large bus parking shed is no GPS signal,Bus GPS positioning equipment can not work properly.In order to allow the bus parking lot GPS positioning, you need to deploy GPS coverage throughout the entire parking lot.

GEMS NAVIGATION LIMITED,the domestic GPS indoor coverage solution, the leader, for domestic cars, covering the high iron parking shed design and deployment of GPS, Chengdu, Changsha and other cities domestic bus parking provides full coverage of GPS.

The following is the implementation of the case in China:

  • Support multi system: GPS and Beidou
  • Support network management system based on Network

China's largest bus parking lot, to achieve seamless coverage of the entire building

  • Antenna for multi system,The antenna 7 years to maintain a record of 0 faults.Across the country have experienced the test, the most northern of Harbin, the most southern Hainan Island. Foreign countries, India, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia and other countries of the implementation of the project to achieve the 0 fault records.

DeYuan bus parking lot, the first successful case in Chengdu, completed in 2013, has maintained zero fault.

  • A bus stop in Changsha

  • Monitoring and fault alarm for all systems

  • System status detail