GPS/GNSS Satellite Signal Repeater Kit Q-GL1


  • Q-GL1 is a simple GPS Repeater Kit , one transmitting antenna transmit GPS L1 signal. Main function is to quick layout GPS Indoor Coverage, Exhibition, the Customer Demonstration and other occasions .
  • This is single point solution, covers 5-20 meters at radius(by increasing the amplifier according to methods and under field conditions,building height and other certain condition reach a radius of 20 meters).
       Note: Single point means one antenna be used to transmitting GPS signal.
  • Quick layout GPS Indoor Coverage, Exhibition, Customer Demonstration etc
  • Support GPS L1

【Specifications 】

Electrical Specifications, Operating Temperature -40 to 85°c

【Standard Configurations】

  • GPS Antenna: TIMING 4000,1 ea;
  • Gain Controller:GA30V,1 ea;
  • Cable Assembly:KSR240,20M,1 ea;
  • Lightningprotector:N-JK-G,1 ea;
  • Antenna:L1P ,1 ea.

【Topological (under standard configuration)】

【System Schematic

System Schematic

1. GPS Antenna(TIMING 4000) be installed on roof of the building;
2. Cable assembly KSR240 fixed along the out wall, one terminator connects Protector , the other into indoor connects Gain controller. In some special environment, select PE or PVC material plastic pipe to protect the cable assembly is quite sensible;
3. Antenna L1P10 be fixed on the Gain controller through stand .
4. According to the actual environment, you can adjust positions of some parts, which can make you the adjust, change and overhaul more easily.