GPS Repeater Kit for GPS L1 only

Functional Description

GT-RK1 is a repeater operates by receiving GPS satellite signals with an antenna located outside the building and re-radiating the signals into the indoor area or covered space where satellite signal cannot reach. GT-RK1 is a single point GPS repeater, one transmitting antenna transmit GPS L1 signal. If need extend the system, you can apply multi-system receiving antenna and sending antenna, which can support multi-system, multi-waveband satellite signal receive and transmit, so as to cover satellite signal indoor.

GT-RK1 is a set of GPS repeater kit for Re-radiating GPS antenna.

【Typical Application】

  • For GPS products testing
*For testing the cell- phone with GPS, PND, car navigators, tracker, survey products, etc.
  • For the purpose of GPS signal covering
*Car parks, lab, aviation manufacturing hangar, trade shows, Emergency-, safety vehicles, public transportation etc.

【Technical Parameters

  • Frequency response:GPS L1(1575MHz)
  • Filter: Third-order filter
  • Power: 220AC
  • Gain control: 0~30dB Variable
  • Radiation distance: About 5-20 Meters(by increasing the amplifier according to methods and under field conditions, building height and certain conditions reach a radius of 20 meters).
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 85°C

【Standard Configurations】

  • Gain Controller:GA30-V,1 ea;
  • GPS Antenna: TIMING 4000,1 ea;
  • Cable Assembly:RG8,30M, 1ea;
  • Cable Assembly:KSR240,10M,1 ea;
  • Antenna:GTA10,1 ea.
  • Lightning-protector:1 ea;

【system structure (Under standard configuration)】

【System Schematic】

1. GPS Antenna(TIMING 4000) be installed on roof of the building;
2. Cable assembly RG8 fixed along the out wall, one terminator connects TIMING 4000,the another to protector at the appropriate place. In some special environment, select PE or PVC material plastic pipe to protect the cable assembly is quite sensible;
3. Protector, Amplifier and Gain controller are fixed on the wall indoor;
4. Cable assembly KSR240 is fixed along the ceiling of the operating place;
5. Antenna GTA10 be fixed on the ceiling or crossbeam.
6. According to the actual environment, you can adjust positions of some parts, which can make you the adjust, change and overhaul more easily.