Full-Band GNSS Antenna T440

T440 is a set of GPS L1 & L2& L5 , GLONASS G1 & G2 , Beidou2 B1,B2,B3 and Galileo E1,E2,E5a,E5b four-system active antenna, can be widely used in geodesy, bridge construction, marine surveying, underwater topography measurement etc.

The antenna using multi feedpoint design, ensure the antenna phase center and the geometric center of the coincidence, improve the accuracy of measurement. Antenna element has high gain and wide beamwidth to ensure the signal receiving performance of satellite at low elevation angle. Multi-path rejection board inside can eliminate the multi-path influence to measurement error. Built-in low noise amplifier module, through the multi-stage filter to eliminate interference signal ,ensure the normal work in harsh electromagnetic environment.