Programable Step GNSS Amplifier GA60-DV4

GA60-DV4 is an active GNNS amplifier with one end input and four port output ports. The signals received by the active GPS receiving antenna are evenly divided into four outputs for other receiving devices. IN such an application, the IN terminal can be configured with 5V DC to power the active GPS antenna connected to the port for operation. The other output ports will have a 200 Ohm DC load to simulate the DC loss of any receiver antenna connected to these ports. The device can control the desired gain and attenuation values using the 485 protocol. The maximum adjustable gain is 30dB.

● Military grade working temperature -55°~85° (core device operating temperature: -55°~125°)
● Adjustable gain range: 0~30dB; Stepping: 1dB
● Operating frequency range:1164MHz ~1616MHz
● Output voltage at IN: 5V;
● Connector mode: TNC-K, N, SMA
● Program control mode: 485 protocol interface;
● Power supply mode:
● 220VAC to 12VDC power adapter power supply; (Standard)
● Dual 18~76V DC inputs; (Optional)
● Input port votage: 5V DC