GNSS Repeaters For Aircraft Hangars GIH4



The structure of an aircraft hangar can block the ingress of GNSS signals, making it impossible to test on-board navigation equipment without pushing the aircraft outside where it has a view of the sky. GIH4 is GNSS Inside Hangar repeater. GIH4 repeater system overcomes this physical barrier by transferring the outdoor signals to the interior of the hangar, which means all maintenance work can be carried out indoors. The GIH4 supports four antennas, each antenna can cover a radius of 25 meters, so a GIH4 system can do GNSS coverage for four areas at the same time.

The GIH4 solution supports Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) including Beidou,GPS,Glonass & Galileo.
High efficiency directional indoor re-transmitting antenna suitable for:
*Aircraft hangars
*Border surveillance

*Military bunkers

System parameters

● Suports systems:GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo/IRNSS/QZSS/SBAS/NAVIC;

● Frequency Range of Antanna:1556~1623MHz/1164~1288MHz

● Frequency Range of Amplifier:1164MHz~1616MHz

●Operating Temperature:-55°~85°;

●Four output antennas ports.

●Each antenna covers a diameter of 50 meters.

【Standard Configuration】

● Program-controlled adjustable amplifier: GA30-PV4, 1 Set;
● GNSS 3D choke antenna: 3D185, 1 Set;
● Cable assembly: RG8, 30~200M, 1 pcs;
● Cable assembly: KSR240, 20~30M, 4pcs;
● Line amplifier: GA40, 4 pcs;

● Transmitting antennas: GRA10, 4 pcs;

● Lightning arrester: 1pcs;
● Cable assembly can be selected according to customer environment. Contace us  for more you need. .

【System Connection】