GPS/GNSS Digital Step Adjustable Amplifier RGA30-DV


RGA30 ‐ DV is our latest rack‐mounted single stage of the low noise amplifier, its technical characteristics are as follows:

1. Digital display gain: LED digital display, clearly display the current amplifier gain;

2. Gain:0-30dB, digital display step adjustable.

3. Touch‐tone gain adjustment: through the upper and lower key, you can adjust the gain when needed;

4. Power control: toggle the power switch, easy control power supply state ;

5. Serial command control.

6. Input and output port power setting.

Cover GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS,Beidou 2 frequencies etc. The device features 0-30dB gain and a noise figure less than 3dB. Since the product consumes less than 100mA, both the equipment and the receiving antenna are vertically mounted.

【Technical Parameters

  • GPS Signal Indoor, Timing, Survey, Wireless Communication etc.
  • Gain : 0~30dB, Digital display step adjustable .
  • Serial command control.
  • Response For