Multi-system satellite signal testing solution for OPPO


Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Construction Unit: OPPO Corporation
Constructor: Shenzhen Starfire Source Electronics Co.
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Project Introduction
In March 2021, Starfire Source provided OPPO with a multi-system satellite test signal solution, this time to solve the shielded room, laboratory, and office area of a signal coverage at the same time need 2 different antenna latitude and longitude difference, this time for OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communication Co. devices. The multi-system satellite test signal is provided for mobile phone R&D testing and functional verification.

Solution Description
This set of solutions uses GPS antenna, GPS power splitter, GPS coaxial amplifier, GPS digital display step adjustable amplifier, which can adjust the signal-to-noise ratio of satellite signals, realize the reception of satellite signal to noise ratio of the terminal equipment during the experiment to verify the reception of satellite signals, provide real-time multi-system satellite signals for mobile phone test R&D experiments, and realize wireless coverage of multi-system satellite signals. As a qualified supplier of OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., Starfire Source Electronics has been researching multi-system satellite test solution signal solutions since its inception, and is committed to providing multi-system satellite test signal solutions for major laboratories and production line manufacturing. Our GNSS transponders, GPS transponders and BeiDou transponders are widely used in laboratory testing, production line testing and especially in mobile phone production line manufacturing where satellite signal coverage is required.