1103_GT-RK1 GPS Repeater kit for cellphone GPS testing

GT-RK1 is a set of quick start GPS repeater kit  for GPS L1. Design for cellphone gps testing.
  • Testing Solution of GPS-based Repeater : a single point of small-scale test signal coverage;
  • Coverage Distance: 10M (radius);
  • Test Area of Signal uniform : the radius of 3 ~ 5M;
  • Frequency Range: GPS L1 (Choosing other GPS antenna, to get more band signal repeater);
  • Power: 220V AC / 9V DC;
  • System Configuration Amplifier Gain of Repeater : adjustable range: 0dB ~ 30dB;
  • Test of GPS Receiver products : GPS Product Line, GPS Mobile Phone Production Line, GPS Laboratories, University Laboratories, and other application environment, which is  need for product testing, product performance verification.
  • GPS Signal Indoor Coverage:    a variety of occasions (which is need to implement GPS signal indoor coverage )                Laboratory, Building Parking Lot, GPS Stores, Indoor Demonsation Hall.