GNSS Inside Combat Aircraft

√ 12 Way output ports; √ Working temperature: -55°~125°; √ High gain,up to 55dB gain; √ High anti-interference ability; √ Aviation connectors;

GNSS Inside Aircraft Hangars

● Antenna supported systems: ☆GPS L1&L2&L5, ☆GLONASS L1&L2, ☆Beidou2 B1, B2, B3, ☆Galileo E1, E2, E5a, E5b ● Operating frequency range of antenna: 1556~1623MHz/1164~1288MHz ●The working frequency range of the amplifier: 1150MHz~1650MHz ●General military grade product design; ●Working temperature range of the whole system: -45°~85°; ●Operating temperature range of core devices: -55° ~125°. ●This system is a 4-point coverage scheme, and the indoor signal coverage of a single antenna is 25 meters; ●The system covers 4 areas;

Sharing GNSS Antenna Solution for 5G Construction

The current situation of 5G base station construction the three major operators face

GPS-over-Fiber Timing Distribution System

Problems in the construction of 5G base stations Problem 1 With the application of 4G and 5G, there tends to be multiple BBUs (base band unit) in a machine room. When there are excessive BBUs, numerous GPS antennas are required to be installed.

Indoor GNSS Positioning and Timing System for BUS Parking

With the development of the times, there are more and more indoor parking lots. There is no GPS and GNSS signal indoors, resulting in the bus being unable to locate and timing. So the bus can not be located and loss the timing.
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