Wanda Plaza-Indoor positioning and timing solution for bus par


Location: Wanda Plaza Bus Car Park

Constructor: Shenzhen Starfire Source Electronics Co.

Keywords: GPS transponder, GPS power splitter, bus GPS, bus parking GPS, bus dispatch, GPS adjustable digital display amplifier, GPS Beidou timing antenna, bus positioning, bus timing, GPS signal coverage.


Project Description

In 2022, Starfire Source provided a bus company in Shenzhen with GPS satellite positioning signal amplifier equipment for the installation of an indoor positioning and timing system. Because most of the bus car park addresses are indoors or in the basement, the signal is blocked, resulting in no GPS Beidou signal and unable to locate and time the bus vehicles.

In view of the large area and weak signal of Wanda Square bus car park, we designed an 8-port GPS Beidou signal transponder coverage system to cover the GPS Beidou signal to meet the positioning and timing needs of bus vehicles.


Solution Description

This bus timing solution uses the GNSS timing antenna Tingmi4200, GPS line amplifier GA40, GPS power splitter and GPS adjustable digital stepper amplifier RGA30-DV8 to complete the forwarding and coverage of outdoor GPS signals. The strength of the satellite signal can be adjusted to achieve the reception of GPS Beidou signals by public vehicles, positioning and timing of bus vehicles in and out of stations.