Provide Multi-system Satellite Signal Test Solutions for BEI JING HUAWEI Production Line


In September 2015. We provide Multi-system Satellite Signal test solution for BEI JING HUAWEI . This solution is a set of three points of GPS repeater , one point can cover a circle with a radius of 5 meters. ProvidingMulti-system Satellite  test signal for phone production line to test Multi-system Satellite Signal phone phone. GEMS NAVIGATION LIMITED is  the only providers of providing full frequency bandtest signal solution for BEI JING HUAWEI at present.


In September 2015. We provide Multi-system Satellite Signal test solution for BEI JING HUAWEI . This solution use the GPS antenna, GPS amplifier, GPS splitter, Step Adjustable Amplifier .The Satellite signal cover about 200-300 square meters, to provide real-time Satellite signal for  phone production line and real-time Satellite signal for testing phone line, achieving wireless coverage of Satellite signals.


GEMS NAVIGATION LIMITED is  the only providers of providing Multi-system Satellite test signal solution for BEI JING HUAWEI at present. GEMS NAVIGATION LIMITED is the   qualified suppliers of BEI JING HUAWEI , providing full frequency bandtest signal solutions for BEI JING HUAWEI from 2008 .