GA30-DV GPS digital step adjustable amplifier

√ Digital display gain: LED digital display screen, clearly showing the current amplifier gain; √ Button-button gain adjustment: You can adjust the gain you need by pressing and pressing buttons. √ Power control: Pull the power switch to control the power supply state easily. √ Serial command control; √ Power-on setting of input and output ports. √ The coverage frequencies include GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and Beidou 2. Its gain is 0-30 dB, noise figure is less than 3 dB, power consumption is less than 100 mA, and the equipment and receiving antenna are installed vertically.



GPS and GNSS Amplifiers

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    Gain : 0~30dB, Digital display step adjustable

    Frequency Range: 1164MHZ~1616MHZ

    Program control RS232

    Response For GPS:L1,L2,L2C,L5;






    Pass Dc and block DC switchable.



    GA30 - DV is the latest launch of the single stage of the low noise amplifier, its technical characteristics are as follows

    1. Digital display gain: LED digital display, clearly display the current amplifier gain,

    2. Touch-tone gain adjustment: through the upper and lower key, you can adjust the gain when needed;

    3. Power control: toggle the power switch, easy control power supply state .

    Covers the GPs, Galileo, and GLONASS, Beidou 2 etc. The device features 30d gain and a noise fure less than 3dB. Since the product consumes less than20mA. the device can be placed in ine with the receiver antenna and can be powered by the GPs receiver's antenna voltaoe outout.

    The GA30-DV is More practical than any competitive product in the market.


    Electrical Specifications, Operating Temperature -40 to 85°

    Parameter Conditons Min Type Max Units
    Freq. Range In- Output ports, 50Ω 1164   1616 MHz
    in &Out lmped In, all output ports   50   Ω
    In- Output ports
    -45dBm Input Level
      0-30   dB
    (0-30)-1.5 0-30 (0-30)+1.5
    (0-30)-1.5 0-30 (0-30)+1.5
    (0-30)-1.5 0-30 (0-30)+1.5
    (0-30)-1 0-30 (0-30)+1.5
    (0-30)-1.5 0-30 (0-30)+1.5
    Input SWR       2.5:1 -
    Output SWR       2.5:1 -
        Noise Figure                3 dB
        Gain Flatness                3 dB
    Amp. Balance       0.5 dB
    Phase Balance       1.0 deg
    Group Delay Flatness       1 ns
    Current Pass DC.No Powered configuration, DC input on Out Port     250 mA
    Max RF Input Max RF input without damage     0 dBm

    Functional description:

    Used to adjust system gain,0-30 dB adjustable, Accuracy for 1 dB, Error of : 1dB you can control when needed with AC220/9V power adapter, supply power to system and itself.

    ①、②are input/output, connect to cable assembly, N female(Can be customized)

    ③for power control switch.system power-n and resetiGain reset to maximum 30dB) when allocated to upward, opposite, system stops working.

     ④ and ⑤ buton to adjust the gain evel. when system instaled, generaly, for this device, we usualy from a maximum gain gradualy adjust smal, we can see tfSNR of the receiver begin to weak, this point of gain will be the best choose.

    ⑥ is a LED. display the initial amplification value(level +30) when power-on


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