Satellite Signal Conversion Systems BTG216

√ Received satellite signals:Beidou3 B1i and GPS L1; √ Output satellite signals:GPS L1; √ Number of output satellites:GPS L1 8; √ Timing accuracy that can be achieved by the timing system:higher than 500ns; √ 8/12/16 output ports. √ Dual -48V isolated power supplies; √ Dry contact alarm output; √ RF output power:-50dBm(customizable); √ RF output power adjustable: -50dBm~ -110dbm(optional).


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  • Application Background

    Many existing GPS receiving systems, especially clock synchronisation systems, have some systems that do not support BeiDou's satellite timing and do not support BeiDou satellite signals. BeiDou and GPS are two different satellite positioning systems, whose signal standards and technical specifications are completely incompatible, so special signal converters are needed to realise the conversion between satellite systems. The main function of Starfire's BeiDou GPS signal converter is to convert the BeiDou satellite signal to a single GPS L1 signal.





    if there is no GPs satelite sional in te sky only a eidou satelite sional then vou can use the BTe216 to confinue to provide a valid gps siana to vour GPreceiver. Applications that enable positioning and clock synchronisation timing will not be interrupted.




    Basic Properties

    · Received satellite signals: Beidou3 B1i and GPS L1Output satellite signals: GPS L1.Number of output satellites: GPS L1 8.Timing accuracy that can be achieved by the timing system: higher than 500ns.8/12/16 output ports.

    · Dual -48V isolated power supplies;

    · Dry contact alarm output;

    · RF output power: -50dBm (customizable)

    · RF output power adjustable:-50dBm~ -110dbm (optional)


    Basic Properties

    BTG216 satelite signal conversion system is a device with one input and 8/12/16 outputs. The input port is connected to GNSS receiving antenna, and the output port provides converted GPS L1 signals to 8/12/16 ports at the same time.


    Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
    Freg Range Antenna - Either Port 1575.42   1561.098 MHz
    In & Out Impedance Input, All Output Ports   50   Ω
    Input Voltage VSWR All Ports - 50Q Load     1.5:1  
    OutputVoltage VSWR All Ports - 502 Load     1.5:1  
    Noise Factor       5.5 dB
    In-Band Fluctuations       3 dB
    Output Power   -110 -50   dBm
    Reference System ForInput Beidou B1 and GPS L1   Beidou   System
    Output System GPS L1   GPS   System
    Timing Accuracy OfThe Output   500     ns
    Timing Accuracy OfThe Output   500     m
    Output Positioning Accuracy When the received GPS orBeiDou signal is online 3   10 m
    Antenna Port Voltage Powering The Antenna 5     VDC
    Antenna Port Current Powering The Antenna     120 mA
    Power Supply Dual DC 48V Isolated Power Supply 48     VDC
    Power Supply 5v Type c Power Input 5     VDC


    Typical Applications

    Timing devices that do not support BeiDou satelite signals, such as some of the early construction of BBU or other timing systems.


    Conversion of BeiDou and GPS signals to BeiDou signals




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