8 Way GPS Distribution System For Digital Timing RGS108D

*Designed for wireless base station applicationsFrequency Range : 1557.5-1587.5MHz *Digital output port: 8-channel HDM/8-channel RJ45 *Note: Only one interface can be connected to each port. *Compatible with mainstream latest BBU devices (HDMI/RJ45 interface) *Time synchronization based on 1PPS+TOD modeWith BBU indication and alarm function



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    3.1 Time synchronization based on 1PPS-TOD mode. The base station can support the input of the 1PPS sianal and the TOD information toobtain synchronization timing information, so that the base station and the upstream time of the transmission network can realze the air interface fimeand frequency precision.

    3.2 Dioital compatibility. lt is compatible with the latest models of mainstream BBU equipment from Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia, etc. (the deviceneeds to have HDMI interface)

    3.3 Connection BBU indication function:GPS signal room inteligent mult-channel distribution system device signal output terminal is connected tthe GPS signal input end of BBU.After the GPS input end of BBU is connected to the clock synchronization system device output end, the clock synchronization system device should have access status indication

    3.4 Alarm function: After the RGS108D is connected to the host device (RGS208), the 8 output ports of the RGS108D are connected to thecoresponding GPS receiving device or BBU. The access port of the receiving device has 5V DC power. At this time, the coresponding portindicatorwil be it red. Start Presino the reset button wil clear the alar of the dry node and memorize the connection status. If the device of the ReS108output port is disconnected or the new device is connected, the dry node will have an alarm.

    When the alarm is triggered, the status can be cleared and memorized again by pressing the reset button


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