what is the difference between mgs12, mgs12i, GS12-DC?



Release Time:2024-06-06 10:33

The most important difference between MGS12 and MGS12i is the difference in power supply, as shown in the figure.

What MGS12 has in common with MGS12i is the sharing of an antenna for both GNSS receivers.

GPS Splitter MGS12  and MGS12i


The GS12-DC is powered by its own power adapter to the antenna, so it does not need to rely on whether the receiver has power supply to work normally. This configuration is suitable for some production lines or R & D centers to test products. The input port is usually connected to a GNSS signal source.



Key comparison tables for MGS12/MGS12i/GS12-DC:

Model MGS12 MGS12i GS12-DC
Pass DC port IN, J1 IN, J1,J2 IN
Power supply port J1 Coaxial feed J1, J2 Coaxial feed DC  adpator
Block DC port J2 with 200 Ω load
J1,J2 With200 Ω load
Typical applications The GNSS receiver shares a GNSS antenna, and the receiver needs to have a load on the antenna. The GNSS receiver shares the GNSS antenna, and the GNSS receiver D is insensitive to the load of the antenna. Production R & D test; the input is connected to the GNSS signal source;


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